God I Hate Spam

36194 E-Mails Since Feb. 05 In Which 97.50% Is Spam

Since Feb. of 2005 I have received 36,194 E-Mails. That is just my main e-mail account. :(

In which 97.50% is all spam. Luckily my spam filters have caught 99.65%.

Check it out. Though since Feb. it has gone down significantly. At the start of the year it was closer to 300 spam e-mails a day.

Here is a current chart:

Spam Chart

That is only spam e-mails. It does not include non-spam emails.

To combat spam I currently use:

PoP File (Open Source)

Spamihilator (Free)

Spam Cop (Free Service)

Spam Assassin (Open Source)

My main E-mail client is currently Mozilla ThunderBird 1.0

One thought on “God I Hate Spam”

  1. Out of 1,006,027 mails received: 908,329 blocked as spam 1,956 blocked because of virus 25,318 marked as probably spam (Only one that I know of was legit) That leaves less than 7% that got through the filter. In my experience 75% of the 7% is spam. If I ever met a spammer, I could probably get away with killing him because a jury of my peers could sympathize :)

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