Xandros Desktop OS 3.0 Deluxe

I Love Xandros Desktop OS 3.0 Deluxe!

Well Windows XP was really starting to ignore me so I thought I’d give Linux a shot for really the first time ever! I have never really given it a fair shot. I just installed it once or twice in the past, a few years ago and was pretty disappointed before Linux was even installed. So I really never tested it in any respect. Well today that has all changed.

This morning I started browsing around the popular Linux web sites and blogs and I come across Xandros Desktop OS 3.0 Deluxe.

I must say, so far I am loving it. All of my hardware was detected perfectly, including my Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum sound car. Surprisingly, even 5.1 worked perfectly out of box, even with my DVD.

To my amazement even Firefox 1.04 and Thunderbird are included and are the default browser and e-mail client. :)

The first thing I noticed after installing was an update window, Xandros Networks, letting me know that a system update was ready.

At first I thought I was going crazy as it was saying that I need to install SP2. lol Well it turns out they had just released a service pack which fixed many bugs and provides the newest, greatest applications all for free, including applications such as open office.

At first I was hesitant as I know what happened last time I installed a service pack in Windows XP; it was a disaster. Well I figured what the heck, if it screws up I will simply reinstall. Well needless to say, it installed perfectly. :)

To be continued…

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