Microsoft Visual Basic Class Begins

Microsoft Visual Basic Class Begins

Hello Boys & Girls,

Well I just started my Microsoft Visual Basic class Thursday. Just like every programing language the very first thing we all learned was to create a hello world application. I also, learned how to simply exit an application via, Me.close.

My First VB App (Hello World)

So far I find the language confusing and hard to understand. It reminds me of COBOL, which I hate very much, mainly due to it’s syntax nature. Now it’s true that COBOL 2002 is mainly an object-oriented programming language however I have found that most companies and institutions still use the very old version of COBOL, COBOL-85 which is not so. :(

Apparently though, it was just to show us the back end, as we will not be using VB6, thankfully, but instead straight into .NET VB which is much more object orientated. I must say this is great to say the least, as I’m an experienced java programmer and I love the concept.

Well off to never never land,


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