Microsoft Windows Anti Spyware Build 1.0.701

Microsoft Windows Anti Spyware Build 1.0.701 Released


Microsoft has just released Microsoft Windows Anti Spyware Build 1.0.701 !

The latest beta refresh, build 1.0.701, extends the Windows AntiSpyware beta expiration date to July 31, 2006 and provides new signature updates to help protect against recently identified spyware. Microsoft would like to encourage all Windows AntiSpyware (beta) users to download and install the new update (Build 1.0.701).

Download Microsoft Windows Anti Spyware Build 1.0.701

Microsoft Windows Anti Spyware Home Page



I Am Re-Hired

I Am Hired Back!


Well, today was interesting, to say the least. Today I was rehired with Kohl’s.

The stupid bitch was fired and I got a $2 raise. :D

I had received this morning a phone message on my cell phone begging me to come back. Never thought this would happen to me, but it did. So I’m back in retail.

Guess you can call that a good thing. Though, I’d rather be working for the likes of Microsoft.

If you’re reading this be sure and send me an E-Mail. ;)

Well back to the Devil’s Rejects.

Good night,


I quit!

I quit my job with Kohls Department Store Today!


Well, I have some rather sad news for everyone.

I just quit my job with Kohl’s Department Store today.

I am just so fed up with how Kohl’s does business that I can no longer be apart of the “Kohl’s Family”.

Office 12 Beta 1 Released

Office 12 Beta 1 Released


Well Office 12 Beta 1 is now up for download for official beta testers like myself via Beta Place.

Be sure and download your copy now. All of the initial download problems appear to have been fixed. :D

Well my first impression is that it’s very buggy, but I pretty much expected that with a massive GUI change.

I love the tab idea. It works great. Only problem at the moment is that it’s really slow, even with my 2.2 GHZ CPU and 1 GB of RAM.

Though, apparently Microsoft knows this and will be kicking up performance for beta 2.

Well I’ll be sure and blog on this bad boy when I have time. Hopefully tomorrow. Since I’m now jobless. :(

Take Care,