I Am Back!

I Am Back! :)

I’m so glad to be back. Download the unofficial win2k sp5 as much as you like. I’ve changed a few things. ;)

So hopefully no more down time.


I just installed JP Cache so that sould help make things a bit quicker as well. :)


I fixed the Poll as well, I think. :p

Update 2:

Well I guess the poll was not fixed. It broke again. Waiting for reply about it from developer.

Also, I removed the calander as it’s sadly too slow. Was slowing down my web site a ton.

And you can see a few other things have changed. I got rid of the Country Flags. Since they were displaying the wrong flags.

So now it just displays where the user posted from when hoving over their user name with your mouse.

Update 3:

I also got rid of the weatherpixie and Shout Box because of bugs. :(

I just added the WordPress Hashcash 3.0 BETA anti spam plugin. :D

Also, I dropped the post preview. Was pointless as it did not work for most users and was buggy. And killed links some times. :(

2 thoughts on “I Am Back!”

  1. cool. been waiting for you for a few days:d why not just put win2k sp5 on yousendit.com or that kinda websites? it may save a lot of bandwidth.

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