When Spammers Attack

Attacked By Spammers – Disabled Comments :(


Well, that was odd. Thanks to whoever reported the problem. Well, apparently some spammer thought it would be cool to try and hack my web site. Notice, I did not say hacker. Because he/she is clearly not, and was trying to “hack” my web site so she/he could post their spam. Which instead of being successful, he/she instead shutdown commenting all together.

I was using some custom code that disables comments if I believe I’m under attack. I had it set to disables commenting all together for 72 hours when this happens. Well, I forgot to make a disabled page. So instead of displaying an error you simply got a blank white page. lol Sorry about that. hehe I was tired.

Anyways I have corrected the problem. :p Oh and not using code any more since it obviously does not work as intended.

Well, see you tomorrow. Good night!