I quit!

I quit my job with Kohls Department Store Today!


Well, I have some rather sad news for everyone.

I just quit my job with Kohl’s Department Store today.

I am just so fed up with how Kohl’s does business that I can no longer be apart of the “Kohl’s Family”.

First, the store manager is an idiot. Second, the woman, my boss, and who is in charge of firing, hiring, and scheduling decided that I have to work this thanksgiving weekend. Even though I had already been given permission not to, since I am going to be going out of town next Tuesday to Jacksonville, Florida to see my family. I sadly, have not seen any of them nor the beach in about five years due to school and or work issues.

So this year I had enough and no matter what I’m going. Well she knew this and decided that I had to work anyways. Which there is no way in hell, is going to happen. Not in this life time. Well, today I was suppose to be off. But instead, I had to come to work due to four people who were scheduled not showing up.

So I did all their work which took about five hours today. Well, when I finally finished, I went to talk to her about not being able to work this thanksgiving. Instead, I was hoping to work Friday, today and which I did, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to make up for the lost days. Well, she would not even hear me out and pretty much gave me the idea that if I did not show up to work next week that I would be fired. :(

So, instead of being fired next week I deiced to go ahead and quit now and save them the trouble. How nice of me.

It just really pisses me off that this happened. I had no motive of quiting today at all. In fact I was having a great day, but now it’s pretty much, fucked!

So now I am jobless, right in time for the holidays. Is that not great or what. So, I’m not sure what the hell I’m going to do now. Anyone hiring?

Well, I’m pretty tired as it’s already 1 AM so I better get some sleep for the long day ahead tomorrow. Only one thought keeps going though my head which is “another sad day of job hutting looms ahead” .

Now, there is one good thing that comes out of this. No more of having to put up with all the bull shit customers. I really do not understand how anyone can enjoy dealing with stupid ass customers every day who screw up everything in the store the sec. you fixed it. :(

Well, lets make that two good things. The other being, that xbox 360 is finally arriving out my door step in a few days time. God, I can not wait to play via the new xbox live service. Well I’ll save that for another day.

Well enough ranting from me tonight.

Well have a horrific weekend everyone. So I’m not alone. I could use some kisses while your at it. ;)

Take Care,