Windows Services Installer

Windows Services Installer


Well, I see a few people are looking for the Windows Services Installer that I have post all over the net.

Basically, this little bad boy allows you, the user, to install an application to run as a service on your PC.

It is basically a user interface for Microsoft’s “Srvany” application.

Click Here For Details On Microsoft’s Srvany Application



Another Exploited Windows Vulnerability

Newly Discovered & Immediately Exploited Windows Vulnerability – With Work-Around

Hey Everyone, Well, there is another Newly Discovered & Immediately Exploited Windows Vulnerability. Microsoft Security Advisory (912840) Luckily this time around there is a quick fix. Simply start > run: “regsvr32 -u %windir%system32shimgvw.dll”

A serious new remotely exploitable Windows vulnerability has been discovered in a highly-used and readily exploitable Windows component present in ALL versions of Windows from Windows 98 through ME, NT, 2000, XP, and 2003. The “SHIMGVW.DLL” is used for rendering Windows Metafiles, but can reportedly also be invoked whenever Windows attempts to display non-metafile images as well. This is a so-called “0-day vulnerability” because exploits for the vulnerability appeared before any patches were available. Malicious exploits are already in the wild and are being actively used to install malware into user’s machines. Viruses and worms are expected to appear shortly.

Note: This WILL temporarily disable the “Thumbnail” view in Windows Explorer and Window’s Image and FAX viewer. This is by design, since these viewers are no longer safe to use until a non-vulnerable file has been produced by Microsoft and installed. Source: Gibson Research Take Care, Will