Wanna Help Beta Test Windows Vista?

Wanna Help Beta Test Windows Vista?


So you wanna help beta test Windows Vista?

Well, if your a Bink.nu member you can get that chance right now, for free.

Become a Bink.nu member and receive a Windows Vista Invite though the Windows Vista Community Technology Preview Program.

Once you become a Bink.nu member you will receive an E-Mail with instructions on how to join the team.

The Microsoft Windows Vista Team and Culminis have invited us to be part of a special Windows Vista beta program known as the “Community Technology Preview” (CTP) program.

There are only 1000 of these special worldwide slots open and they are reserved for members of Bink.nu, a Culminis IT PRO user groups.

To learn more about the program and to register for the opportunity to be selected for one of these slots, please go to to complete the online registration form ASAP.

Here are the minimum guidelines:

  1. Any customer or partner, 18 years or older, who is willing to install the pre-release builds and provide Microsoft with their feedback
  2. Who is willing to either self-host Windows Vista or subject it to some tests using their typical or expected computing environment
  3. Who has a good working knowledge of using and troubleshooting Windows

Source: Bink.nu



RogueSpear Installers

RogueSpear Switchless Silent Installers


I am now the official host of RogueSpear’s Switchless Silent Installers.

Download RogueSpear’s Switchless Silent Installers Here

This is a collection of switchless silent installers and some .msi files (for use with Group Policy).

I make almost all of my installers by doing a two step snapshop repackage with InstallShield’s AdminStudio. The resulting repack is an .msi file which I then use for deployment with group policy in Active Directory environments. To make the installer, I extract the .msi file to an administrative installation point (AIP) and package it up with either 7-Zip or WinRAR; whichever gives me the best compression. All installers that are repacks, were made using VMware under Windows XP SP2. While some installers may work properly on operating systems older than this, I have not tested them with anything other than XP SP2.

Where possible and practical, I set ALLUSERS=2 so that if you do use one of the installers from RunOnceEx or on an existing system, the registry entries will also be written to the Default User profile. Programs that require a reboot have REBOOT=ReallySuppress so that they will not initiate a reboot, nor will they inform you that a reboot is necessary. Where possible I stripped out all non-English support files in the interest of smaller file size. If you require non-English language support then these installers are not for you.

Not all of the installers create shortcuts. Visual J#, RAW Image PowerToy are examples. Those that do create shortcuts, do not create them in what would be the default for that product. I hate messy, unorganized, serpentine like start menus. So you’ll find the shortcuts in what I think is an intuitive location. I will point out shortcut locations with each installer. All shortcuts are non-advertised by design.

The installers do not necessarily install to the default directory either. Besides a totally polluted start menu, I also can’t stand a Program Files directory with 500 subdirectories. So I tend to install things to logical subdirectories. For instance, you’ll find A-Ray Scanner in %PROGRAMFILES%CD-RA-Ray Scanner and Daemon Tools in %PROGRAMFILES%CD-RDaemon Tools. I know that this is going to turn off some people greatly, but this is how I’ve made the installer because for me, I can go to one of my clients or a family member’s computer and quickly locate things. I’m not going to remake the installers or change my methods at this point. I made these for me, and finally, decided to make this post to share them in case other would find them useful.



I Love Dreamhost!!

I Love Dreamhost!!

OMG I Love Dreamhost!!

Hey Happy DreamHost Customers!

Now is the time when we announce in a more coherent manner all the
features mentioned in our newsletter. Judging by the newsletter this
month, it seems these announcements are more vital than ever.

First off, we’ve just QUADRUPLED disk space on all our shared hosting
plans! The disk space growth rate on all shared plans has also QUADRUPLED!

This is retroactive for all current customers as well, and don’t worry,
you don’t have to do anything, it’s all already happened!

Note that this doesn’t automatically up any user quotas you may have set
through the web panel.. it just ups your overall account limits.

We’ve also OCTUPLED (eight times) bandwidth on all plans (including
dedicated servers)! The bandwidth growth rate has also octupled, and
don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything to get the new values for this

That’s really a LOT of disk and bandwidth.

Happy New Year Happy DreamHost Customers!
The Happy DreamHost Too-Much Team!

Disk Space:

Total Provided: 21,300.000 MB ($0.10 / MB over)
3 Day Avg: 3,835.335 MB
Currently: 3,826.953 MB
Est. Average: 3,828.305 MB (what your average will be at the end of the billing period if your disk usage remains the same as it is now.)
Estimated Charges: $0.00


Total Provided: 1,047 GB ($1/GB over)
Total Used So Far: 47.513 GB
Cycle Estimate: 312.226 GB
Estimated Charges: $0.00

So that means:

Bandwidth Grows Per Week: 8 GB/week

Disk Space Grows Per Week: 1 GB/week

So no more bandwidth problems ever.

Windows Metafiles Exploit – The Real Fix

Windows Metafiles Exploit – The Real Fix – Download The Patch Now!

Hey Everyone,

Just noticed over at Security Now a patch has been released to fix the Windows Metafiles Exploit.



It could be weeks before Microsoft fixes this exploit, which is a huge problem since this Exploit is now in the wild and is very active.

In fact there are already around 80 virus/Trojan/spyware, etc. that already take advantage of this exploit to hack into your computer.

Do NOT wait for Microsoft to fix this Exploit. Patch up now!!

See Microsoft’s Security Advisory (912840)


Well, I be darn they came out with a fix today. Wow, pretty fast for Microsoft.

Security Update for Windows XP (KB912919)

English Windows XP SP2 KB912919 Direct Link

Take Care,