I Love Dreamhost!!

I Love Dreamhost!!

OMG I Love Dreamhost!!

Hey Happy DreamHost Customers!

Now is the time when we announce in a more coherent manner all the
features mentioned in our newsletter. Judging by the newsletter this
month, it seems these announcements are more vital than ever.

First off, we’ve just QUADRUPLED disk space on all our shared hosting
plans! The disk space growth rate on all shared plans has also QUADRUPLED!

This is retroactive for all current customers as well, and don’t worry,
you don’t have to do anything, it’s all already happened!

Note that this doesn’t automatically up any user quotas you may have set
through the web panel.. it just ups your overall account limits.

We’ve also OCTUPLED (eight times) bandwidth on all plans (including
dedicated servers)! The bandwidth growth rate has also octupled, and
don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything to get the new values for this

That’s really a LOT of disk and bandwidth.

Happy New Year Happy DreamHost Customers!
The Happy DreamHost Too-Much Team!

Disk Space:

Total Provided: 21,300.000 MB ($0.10 / MB over)
3 Day Avg: 3,835.335 MB
Currently: 3,826.953 MB
Est. Average: 3,828.305 MB (what your average will be at the end of the billing period if your disk usage remains the same as it is now.)
Estimated Charges: $0.00


Total Provided: 1,047 GB ($1/GB over)
Total Used So Far: 47.513 GB
Cycle Estimate: 312.226 GB
Estimated Charges: $0.00

So that means:

Bandwidth Grows Per Week: 8 GB/week

Disk Space Grows Per Week: 1 GB/week

So no more bandwidth problems ever.

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  1. Congrats! :) i was not able to leave a reply using my mobile phone.. any idea??? have a nice day! English final-term exam is held tomorrow… OMG

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