Newsvine Invites

Newsvine Invites


The first 20 (twenty) registered members to reply to this post will be sent an invite to Newsvine.

Newsvine, Inc. is a privately-held company based in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2005 by Mike Davidson, Calvin Tang, Lance Anderson and Mark Budos, with Josh Yockey joining them shortly thereafter. The development team is made up of veterans from the Disney Internet Group/ESPN, who left to create is a website consisting of a community-driven newsonomy. Users write articles and save links to external content, vote, comment and chat on article pages created by both users and journalists from the Associated Press. So far, the website is in it’s private beta stage and registration for accounts are done only by invitation. If a person wishes to use the site but does not know anyone to get an invite from, he can submit his e-mail address and the Newsvine staff can send the user an invite.



6 thoughts on “Newsvine Invites”

  1. i am definately the first one^^ thank you! are you busy for the mid-term exam? haven’t seen you for ages! PEACE OUT~~ Vic

  2. Hey, I just started school two weeks ago. Have not even had home work nor a test yet. So no mid terms. Good luck with yours though! :) But yes I’ve been busy with work. Been working a lot lately, 40+ hours. Yeah I’m not nearly online as much as I use to be. BTW I’m now running Linux Fedora Core 4. :D Took forever to get it installed. I still feel linux will never be more than a geeks wet dream. At least if it stays anything like it’s current state. :( Well, take care, Will

  3. Hey. Will Thanks for the invite! it’s cool hope you “good good study, day day up”. lol, it means to study hard & make rapid progress. Hope to talk to ya soon. Vic

  4. Hi, I was reading the Wikipedia article about Newsvine, then Google searched for “newsonomy” and found your blog entry. Are there any invites left? If no, then don’t worry about it. Michael

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