4 thoughts on “Spring Break 06”

  1. Nope just school I’m afraid, online class. :( Safe, well because most students during spring break get drunk and do stupid shit. And recently a lot have gotten killed or rapped sadly. :( So that’s why, sorry to say. Well thanks, you too buddy. Be safe ;) Will

  2. ^_^something wrong with “link” ? i got Vista today, finally became an official tester.. yay online class.. it sucks. hey dude hotmail accounts expire if you don’t log in for 30 days… i haven’t seen you for ages! be safe, haha. bye

  3. Hey, Yeah damn thing is creating invalid xhtml for some reason and have no idea why when someone posted a link not using valid xhtml. Its making two links out of it. :( Well congrats! :D Yeah well not my hotmail account. Since I’m a msn beta teser too, loving the new beta hotmail btw. :) Even get two GB of space and all the pay features for free. :D Yeah I’m not online much these days. Well, take care, Will

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