Windows Vista Build 5342 Released

Microsoft has released Windows Vista Build 5342! :)

Hello Vista Lovers,

Microsoft has released Windows Vista Build 5342 to Microsoft Connect. :D

I’ll be sure to post some screen shots. :)

Take Care,



Well, maybe I will not be. :(

This build will not install correctly.

It just sets at a blank black screen forever.

Safe mode does not work either. You can not even see the boot menu. :(

Windows Vista Has Failed To Install

If anyone else runs into this please vote on this bug at Microsoft Connect . Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Windows Vista Build 5342 Released”

  1. sup, dude? i found it on Connect as well. i’ll wait for April CTP :) i guess i am becoming a beta whore, lol. hope to talk to you soon~ Vic

  2. that’s weird.. a guy on neowin installed it without any problem~ i am sorry that you’ve tried 3 times.. I’ll vote for you, hope to get their attention :) good luck dude

  3. Hey, Yeah a lot of people have no problem insalling at all while a lot of other people report the same as I. :( It’s just strange, because it’s the first build to ever have this problem. So they must have changed something major. Just wish they said what that change was. ;) Take Care, Will PS: Thanks buddy! :D

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