File Advisor Search Engine

Bit9 File Advisor Search Engine – Searches for unknown files on your PC to help identify evil unwanted software

Hello friendly search engines,

I just found this great on-line search engine, File Advisor, which you use to search for unknown files on your PC to help identify evil unwanted software.

File Advisor is a free service provided by Bit9, Inc. that enables you to identify unknown files quickly by searching an index of known commercial applications (malware is currently not indexed). Enter an MD-5 hash, SHA-1 hash, or file name, and FileAdvisor returns information about the origin of the file. It’s that simple.

This prevents spyware and/or virus from pretending to be valid software. At the moment this amazing search engine has an index of over 258,202,658 files in its database.

Incredibility they even offer an application on their home page which allows you to simply right-click on unknown files to identify them from their on-line database. I find this tool an absolutely critical application in my every day needs. I’m always finding unknown and/or unwarranted files on clients computers.

The File Advisor client utility is a lightweight (164 KB) shell extension to Windows File Explorer that enables you to right-click on any file on your computer and, with a single request, hash the file and submit it for analysis. You can select and submit up to four files at a time. The program installs in seconds in your default Program Files directory and works immediately, without rebooting.

I highly recommend this awesome free tool, be sure and download a free copy today from their web site. :D



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  1. Still dead, and my damn DVD-RW is fucked. It will read and burn DVDs fine but it will not read or burn cds no mattter what I do. I’ve tried for three hours to get it working. Uninstalled, reinstalled. Uninstalled all burning / music / video software and still wont read damn cds. Guess it’s dead. :( Which really sucks cause I’m poor. :(

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