Interesting Time Fact

A Very Interesting Time Fact – April 5th ;)

Hello Time Freaks;

On Wednesday, April 5th at two minutes and three seconds after 1am, the time will be:


This will never happen again! How fucking awesome is that!! :D



Update: Well, that was so much fun! ;)

Darn, was hoping GOD would come say Hi!

Or the moon would fall from the sky. :(

Oh well, too bad. ;)

7 thoughts on “Interesting Time Fact”

  1. lol. are you bored? i am on budget as well.. plus,i’ve been so busy these couple of weeks preparing for TOEFL(test of english as a foreign language).. wtf, do i really need to know what “ichthyosaur” means? omg, i have to :( good luck buddy. take care Vic^^

  2. yeah i was bored out of my mind ;) i dont even know what the heck that means… and I have spoken engish for 18 some years. lol Well buddy you speak english fine. I’m 100% postive you will do just fine. :D

  3. Test again ^^ btw, i got partial a scholarship from university of Minnesota eventually.. $12000/y i am so fed up with my current univ here in china now. it’s called “China University of Chuck Norris”, lol good luck to you, dude. you seems busy these days. Vic

  4. omg chuck norris just turned the clock of time back!! :-P your comment: April 19th, 2006 @ 12:41 am (Quote) My comment: April 19th, 2006 @ 9:28 am (Quote)

  5. lol Yeah I did a database reset. Hint the test. ;) Pretty werid name for a school. lol But damn dude, congrats! I think your love the states! :) Be sure and call me some time. :)

  6. haha. you know “Chuck Norris” right? he’s so funny. i am just kiddin.. it’s university of minnesota. hope to be in the state this Sep depending on the visa. maybe i can come over to meet you, dude^^ i saw you were on AIM writing a paper, so i didn’t disturb you:) a funny translation of a chinese saying: “good good study, day day up!” wish you good luck with your study. :) Vic.

  7. Yeah he he. Yeah too bad, I did not get a damn word written. Darn family from Miami, Florida came up and it’s kinda screwed up me. Getting ready to write it up now. Damn case study. Never done one before, looks pretty tough. :( Well, I’m in South Carolina, so that is pretty far away. ;) But you could call some time. ;) So once you get in the states you can give me a call. Damn international rates are a killer. ;)

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