Windows Vista Beta Build 5365 Released

Microsoft Windows Vista Beta Build 5365 has been released to technical beta testers

Hello Vista Lovers,

Microsoft has released Windows Vista Beta Build 5365. :D

Download It Now! (Official Beta Testers Only)

Specific to build 5365

Q: Is there an upgrade path available for build 5365?

A: Clean installs are the only type of install supported in 5365. There is a screen during setup that implies that you can upgrade if you start the installation from within Windows, but this screen only applies to a future build of Vista.

Q: Is build 5365 considered Beta 2?

A: Build 5365 is still part of Beta 1. Beta 2 will be out before you know it. In the meantime, please continue to submit feedback and bug reports on the latest builds. We really appreciate the diligent work done by all of our beta testers. If you find a bug that still exists in this build and has been closed by us, please re-file the bug and make the notation that this was also in build XXXX.

Q: Why do some jpg/jpeg images appear distorted when viewing them in Windows Movie Player?

A: This is a known issue, and will be resolved in a future build. As a workaround, the images should properly display in other applications.

Q: In MCE, why does the screen go black after watching TV for 15 minutes?

A: This is a known issue, and will be resolved in a future build.

Q: Why does the video/graphics in some games not appear?

A: Some games that use that don’t support video overlays have this issue. Audio in the game is fine, but users may not be able to view in-game videos. We’re working on getting this resolved in a future version.