Make Work Pay!

CEO’s Suck! – GOD They Make Too Much Money :( –

Hello CEO’s,

You Make Me Sick! :(

But damn, I wish I made as much as you bastards!

According to Make Work Pay, Today’s Top 500 Companies CEO’s Make:

$11,352,960 a year

$946,080 a month (average)

$31,104 a day

$1,296 a hour

$21.60 a minute

$0.36 a second

Note: These are only estimates and are not to be taken as fact!

And please someone Wake Up Walmart .

Take Care,


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  1. Oh my! i just spent $21.60 to write this reply..I am frustrated~~ lol. are you testing Windows Live Desktop? i just send you a offline-message on MSN. WLD sucks :( ttyl&take care

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