4 thoughts on “Admin Drop Down Menus?”

  1. Hey, The reason I have not upgraded to WP 2.0x is because I do not like the new dashboard and how posts are written. That and I already tried it once. In fact this site was running 2.0 for a few days at one point. But ended up going back to 1.5. But yeah a lot of plug-ins do not work with 2.0 yet. That and I use too many hacks. I am trying to turn them all into plug-ins instead. That way it is easier to upgrade in the future. :) Take Care, Will

  2. Ohh… thats true. So you were running 2.0.2 just when I was looking.. Good, I dont think IAM is compatible with 1.5 because I’m using filters that didnt exist back then… Sorry. -V

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