KB900485 Will Not Install

KB900485 Will Not Install Correctly – Anyone have a solution?


Anyone having trouble getting KB900485 to install?

I have installed now by directly downloading it and installing it.

I have also tried installing from automatic udpates and from microsoft / windows update .

The problem is that KB900485 is still offered to be installed. :(

Odly, it seems to have installed fine, yes all three methods. I am running IE 6 SP2, not IE 7.

So, any ideas?



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  1. no idea.. have you tried this: regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionHotFix add the tree: KB900485 add a Dword: Installed set it to: 1 also check this one: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftUpdatesWindows XPSP3KB900485 delete it:) damn it! my English’s poor.(yeah, it sounds really stupid).hope you know what i mean. lol, you are professional, dude. I look small. anyway, hope it works. good luck!

  2. Yeah been there done that. Think I need another version of the hot fix. The one that includes the file itself. That is the new AEC.sys file. One from microsoft.com does not include the file. It’s a patcher. Do you happen to have the file? Search windows folder. Then I could use replacer to install it. :) Only way I can think of getting it to work atm. Damn Microsoft tech support wants to charge now. :( So will half to ask employee directly when I have a chance. You make sure hot fixes install using qfecheck. Odly enough it shows: “KB900485: Current on system” but the problem is the file is install the new one. :(

  3. omg just relized because it’s installing to C:WINNTDriver Cachei386 and I have driver chache disabled lol no wonder..though first time I ever had a problem….

  4. lmao! geek’s typical problem :-P btw, why did you disable that? anyway, i am glad it’s fixed. so you don’t need AEC.sys right? i can send it to ya

  5. yeah I don’t remember why… so I just re-enabled… lol and tried windows update again and problem fixed… haha So I’m good now…thanks anyways… :)…well besides feeling like shit..damn throat is kiling me…

  6. Hey Mike, You just need to change a single registry entry. I think the reason a lot of people (including myself) had/have this issue is because a lot of “tweaking” applications like to change the key and change it to an invalid value. See: EnablePref... ! You want option 3. Take Care, Will

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