Lyceum 0.31 Released

Lyceum 0.31 has been released – A multi-user WordPress application

Hello Multi-User WordPress Wanna Be’s,

Lyceum 0.31 has been released. Go get it! As I mentioned before, this is a special release for Lyceum, because beyond this point, all future point releases will include upgrade scripts and documentation. Administrators can now feel confident about designing a Lyceum deployment without having to worry about difficult upgrades in the future.

Developed by, Lyceum is a stand-alone multi-user blogging application, designed for the enterprise. Utilizing the fantastic, intuitive WordPress blogging engine at its core, Lyceum enables stand-alone, multi-user blog services for small and high-volume environments. Lyceum is GPL-licensed, under active development, and free to use.

To see Lyceum in action, head on over to their Demo Area .



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