CompuZone Sucks!

CompuZone Sucks – Could Not Even Hack The PW ;)


Well, I had to take my brother’s laptop on over to CompuZone last week because I think it has a bad motherboard.

Sadly, I know nothing about laptops so I had no choice. ;)

The funny thing is that the idiots waited a week to call and tell me they need a password in order to run their tests.

Luckily for their sake, my brother is out of down for three weeks for some College (USC) Biology seminar. So I do not mind.

However, the stupid idiots could have been done by now if they simply gave me a call or better yet if they simply enabled the default admin account. Seeing as my brother kept it password-less on purpose, in case something just like this ever happened.

It’s pretty damn sad they could not figure that out and now it’s a week later and they still have not done shit. But like I said, I do not really care. Besides it’s not my computer and I’m not paying the $50 just for them to take a look at it. lol

Well, what a day; back to XboX 360. :D



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7 thoughts on “CompuZone Sucks!”

  1. Tags: shit, computer, $50. lmao!!! you could get the job :) those guys shouldn’;t be paid~ btw, is this semester over yet? have a great holiday^^

  2. Hey, lol Yeah for sure. Damn jackasses! Well, officially yeah the semester is over, but some special majors have extra classes you can take during the summer. Brother choose to just take a three week one. It’s basically to just help prepare you better for the next course. cya, Will

    1. cool. thanks for your reply. ^^ one more question plz.. are there many part-time jobs on campus? If so, how much on average can a student get for an hour? thanks a ton! i’ve got the admission, but i don’t want to spend my parents’ money.. (i hate it when they remind me to pay them back:D) besides, i wanna travel around the state and even come over to visit you, lol (am i allowed? :-P) Talk to ya later, have a nice day. (i haven’t for 40+ hours & iam not tired at all, that’s weird, lol) Take care! Vic

  3. Hey, Yeah there are plenty of part-time jobs for current students. Though most are not available to undergraduates. :( Why? Have no idea! Well, my brother makes $8.50 an hour. Which is pretty darn good, since the minimum wage is only $5.25 and most students make around $7. And yeah I hear you on the spending money nightmare. I try and only spend $$$ on lunch and gas. Have not bought a thing since last year. :) Well, until the other day, when I ran out of ink in the printer. So other than that, I never spend a time, besides food and gas. And I always use cash, so I don’t have bills waiting to be paid. ;) Yeah I can’t have non student visitors. Well, I can at home of course, but I prefer not to hand that private info over to strangers. ;) lol Oh so you have not had a nice day for 40+ hours, and some how that means your tired. lol Just messing with you. ;) Yeah some times I can go for a week, when I can just sit on my ass all day. haha Take Care, Will

  4. thanks very much for the information. :D yeah.. i was just wondering if we could be real friends in real life, lol. you are just sooo nice^^ (i am not gay, lol) never mind.. ttyl dude :)

  5. ahahahahah lol perhaps we will meet one day…you never know… ;) yeah I do not really use msn spaces, so to be honest I have no idea m8..sorry

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