CompuZone Sucks!

CompuZone Sucks – Could Not Even Hack The PW ;)


Well, I had to take my brother’s laptop on over to CompuZone last week because I think it has a bad motherboard.

Sadly, I know nothing about laptops so I had no choice. ;)

The funny thing is that the idiots waited a week to call and tell me they need a password in order to run their tests.

Luckily for their sake, my brother is out of down for three weeks for some College (USC) Biology seminar. So I do not mind.

However, the stupid idiots could have been done by now if they simply gave me a call or better yet if they simply enabled the default admin account. Seeing as my brother kept it password-less on purpose, in case something just like this ever happened.

It’s pretty damn sad they could not figure that out and now it’s a week later and they still have not done shit. But like I said, I do not really care. Besides it’s not my computer and I’m not paying the $50 just for them to take a look at it. lol

Well, what a day; back to XboX 360. :D



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  1. ahahahahah lol perhaps we will meet one day…you never know… ;) yeah I do not really use msn spaces, so to be honest I have no idea m8..sorry

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