FIFA World CUP 2006 Chart

Fifa World Cup Germany 2006 Electronic Wallchart

Hey American Soccer (European Football) Fans,

I present to you the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 Electronic Wallchart . :D

This wallchart allows you to easily keep track of all World CUP 2006 soccer matches. Including dates, times, match number, group stages, stadiums, venues, Gp, and ranks of each group, from the group stage until the final match.

And of course all the normal stuff, such as goals scored, goals scored against, loses, wins, draws, final scores, and points.

A huge thanks goes out to my good friend, JAKE SNAKE for supplying this awesome wallchart! Thanks a ton!



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3 thoughts on “FIFA World CUP 2006 Chart”

  1. downloaded, thanks for the file :) did u try Microsoft Football soccerboard (football soccer, wtf, lol) DOWNLOAD Here You are such a nice man, dude. genius!

  2. Hey, I had no idea such an application existed. Thanks for the heads up. Looks pretty sweet. :) Thanks a lot, Will

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