Fire Fox Released!

Fire Fox has been released, it is not yet known if this fixes the recently discovered denial of service vulnerability!

Hello Fire Fox Lovers,

Mozilla has finally released the long anticipated release of Fire Fox . :D

It is not yet known if this version successfully corrects a recently discovered Marquee Denial of Service Vulnerability in Fire Fox. Let us hope that it does. If not, I am sure a new fire fox build will be out shortly to correct the problem. We certainty will not have to wait 6 months like we do for Microsoft to fix Internet Explorer vulnerabilities. :)

For more information on this new Fire Fox vulnerability, please see bug #239840 .



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7 thoughts on “Fire Fox Released!”

  1. hey dude, do you need google wrightly? i have 50 invites left^^ come on, please tell me there are something you haven’t tested, lol. what are you focusing on? vista? have a nice holiday^^ Vic

  2. lol You got me on this one. ;) I have not had the time to check it out, but sure, yeah I’ll take an invite please… he he thanks! Um yeah mostly Vista and school. Though mostly school unfortunately, Vista is currently on the back burner… I decided to go back to school for networking. I start my first cisco networking class (2 hour lab) on Monday at 8am. Going to be a tough and very long 8 weeks. Everyone else gets 10 weeks. :???: I am joining in two weeks late, but I am a genius so the professor let me in. lol :mrgreen: And I did not even have to pay the $175 late fee, even though it’s been two weeks. :twisted: Some times I feel so lucky, or should I say idiotic. I’ll let you decide on that one.. :roll:

  3. lol. what a coincidence! The deadline for housing was 3 weeks ago, and i didn’t pay for the $200 installment fee^^ do you think it’s wise to live on campus in america? you are a genius, i never doubt that.. just google “war59312” and see the result. I was amazed that you’ve joined soooo many forums, dude. best of luck on your class :) oh, btw, you’ve got mail^^ Vic

  4. Hey, :lol::shock::cool: I’m famous!! Whooo! :roll: Yeah I join everything I can.:wink: My brother lives on campus. He just hates it because his room mate snores really loudly. lol But other than that it’s cool. I’ve stayed with him a few days and it’s not too bad. It’s nice that you do not have to put up with parents all the time. But you do miss eating “good” food and get a lot of sleep. :???: But really there is no problem with it, as long as your comfortable and of course can afford to. Thanks for the invite! :mrgreen: Take Care, Will

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