Farecast Beta Invites

Farecast Beta Invites – Reply If You Want One!


If you would like an invite to the invite only Farecast beta simply reply to this post. :D

We predict where fares are going and show where they’ve been. Here’s how it works:

Fare Prediction

Each prediction is unique for your specific dates and cities. It includes an:

  1. Arrow—Indicates whether the lowest fare is rising, dropping, or staying the same.
  2. Dollar amount—Expected price movement (when possible).
  3. Confidence level—Our measure of certainty.
  4. Buying Tip—Recommendation based on the data.

Fare History

The patent pending Fare History shows what the lowest fare was for your trip each day up to 90 days ago. We monitor price changes multiple times a day and store more than 50 billion observations and counting. We make a significant investment in data, hardware and storage costs to provide you with real prices based on availability.

Flights and Fares from top airline sites – Know where to buy

We show you flight results directly from the airlines. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find your trip—Flight results from the airline sites in one click.
  2. Book directly with airlines—Save money and get more value with free bonus miles and no booking fees.

Search for flights in different ways

We offer you a variety of options to search for flights. Visit Shop Flights and Plan Trips to learn more about the many ways you can find the best flight for your trip, or if you are ready to get started, just use the form on the home page to get flight results and a fare prediction.

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  1. Farecast sounds very cool. I have several trips coming up this summer, would definitely appreciate an invite to the Beta!

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