KB913670 Fix

Here is my fix in order to get KB913670 installed correctly! :)


A lot of people lately, including myself, have had a lot of trouble getting the KB913670 hot-fix installed by automatic updates or windows/microsoft update.

As you can see, there are Lots of People Having the Same Problem .

Well, I thought I’d let you know how to go about getting this hot-fix finally installed successfully.

As you can see on that forum, Tom, explained the reasoning by the failure of KB913670 not installing correctly.

It turns out that in order for you to install KB913670 you must have previously had the KB912475 hot-fix installed as well.

To many I guess this statement was not clear enough. :P

“An update is available to remove the Australian daylight saving time 2006 KB 912475 update”

While many of us did, but for whatever reason, KB912475’s uninstaller was missing on our systems and therefore we could not uninstall KB912475; which prevents KB913670 from installing correctly.

So what’s the solution then? Simple…

Just downloaded the file below and unzip it to your windows/winnt directory and then install KB913670. :D

Please let me know if this does not work for you…

Take Care,


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12 thoughts on “KB913670 Fix”

  1. Hey it’s sending the wrong MIME type while downloading..so the file is getting loaded into the browser…tried both IE and Firefox. :x

  2. Will, I was unable to download the file from the above link- After I clicked on your link and typed in the security code, tha next page was just a scrambled page- John

  3. Hello WIll! It works great, thanks! I finally fixed my problems thanks to you! =) You are great! And your solution works in Windows XP X64, too! =) I even refered to you on my blog, here: NafcomR...

  4. @Will: You are welcome! ;) Maybe it will give you more visitors! :D I am really glad I found the solution on your blog for this problem! :) Have a great weekend, too!

  5. Message for Will: The text above mentions both 912475 and 912575 (at least 2 places each). Are these typos or are there issues with 912475, 912575 and 913670?

  6. Using Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows XP,I have the same problem, DL yesterday (26 July)your ZIP file, unzipped in Windowswinnt, result NBG. Done as suggested by U, result this time KB913670 install ok but comes back later (yellow) icon in tray and want to do it all over again!:evil: Microsoft again!

  7. Um, that’s a first. Try uninstalling both KB912475 and KB913670. Then reinstall KB912475, reboot, and install KB913670. Also, perhaps downloading Regmon and checking to make sure there are no access errors when installing KB913670 might help. Good luck!

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