Shift (Neowin Linux) has released Shift (Neowin Linux) alpha build 01!

Hello Linux Junkies,

NeoWin has finally done the unthinkable. They have released their very own Linux distribution tailored towards the needs of all NeoWin members. I must say, I am impressed. So impressed that I have decided to help host this bad boy and run it as my secondary OS for a few weeks.

However, because of a few major issues, a second build is going to be released this Saturday! I’ll be sure and update this post as soon as that happens.

Several Staff and Members of Neowin have joined together to produce a Neowin version of Linux called “Shift”. This was conceived as a means to not only learn new skills in producing a viable distribution in the world of Linux, but to help draw members of the community together in a shared goal.

Shift Linux is in its infancy. Currently we are working to get the initial Alpha version (Shift 0.1) out. The expected release will be in a couple of days. It is based on Morphix Linux and will be a live CD that is installable (but not recommended at this time). We plan to start with a simple, uncomplicated version, then add packages and desired utilities until it is a more robust distribution. We plan to add scripts for downloading drivers, auto packaging, RSS feeds, and a variety of other desirable features. We will start with a lightweight desktop manager (ICEWM) and later integrate Gnome and KDE4 when it is available.

The project is indeed ambitious. We have many folks who have volunteered to help and contribute in any way that they can. Our associated sites and sign-up areas are:

* Shift Blog
* Shift Wiki
* Shift Member Sign-Up
* Shift Launchpad

We are particularly looking for programmers and developers to help create new packages and fix bugs. At some point in the future, we will probably build our distro from scratch, but we want to get this concept distro out the door to show everyone that we can do it!

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Please come join NeoWin members in discussion of Shift Linux!

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  1. neowin rocks! waiting for your screenshots :D it’s weird.. the post about IE7 should be below this post right? how’s summer holiday buddy? i was freaked out preparing for the visa interview. “why do you go to america”, “why this school”, “how can i believe you that you’re going back to china after your graduation”… sigh anyway, have a nice weekend^^

  2. Yes it does! :mrgreen: NO it’s a sticky! 8O lol I’m sure you will do fine! I finally got some free time myself. :) I’m trying to find out why IIS has died on my Win2k3 2003 R2 SP2 beta server. Yeah you too, and I should be chat for awhile. 8)

  3. lol. i didn’t notice that it’s pinned :D isn’t it weird for a Firefox fanboy to promote IE7? :P lol Vic

  4. Not a fanboy of either. Hell I even like Opera 9.1 beta. I use it more than IE. ;) Love how it does RSS.

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