Download KB887589

A lot of people have asked me for KB887589, so I thought I’d go ahead and post it. :)


A lot of people have asked me for the Windows XP hot-fix, KB887589, so I thought I’d go ahead and post it. :)

You receive a 0x0000008E Stop error message when you cancel a print job in Windows XP



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  1. Hey Will! sup dude? How’s school/holiday? I’ve been busy packing my luggage recently.. sigh… so many things to take to Minnesota! lol. hard to imagine how people manage to live in the extremely cold weather. :P May I ask what you wear in everyday life? Shirts or T-shirts? Jeans or sports-suits? I just don’t want to be unique when i arrive there, lol. maybe it’s cool to have plait and wear cheong-sam. joking^^ Well, waiting for Vista Beta3.. Have fun & take care. Vic P.S. anything you want? i really want to send you a gift b4 i leave China. :D feel free to ask. There are some funny traditional souvenir here.:D

  2. Hey, School sucks as usual!! This class is finally over Tuesday. Got the final exam and the CCNA 1 skills test and I am done! I should pass with a C this time around. I really hated this class. Not hands on at all. But I’m told the next class is. I’ve been signed up for the next four classes for a month now. Hopefully they do not drop any class this time. They always tend to drop one or two classes because of stupid ass students who wait till the last minute to sign up and the system goes crazy or simply not enough students for the class to be taught. :( Yeah I would take the cold buddy; it’s hot as hell here. :( And only like .1in of rain in a month. :evil: I love the snow and skiing. It’s been about 5 years since I have gone snow boarding and skiing. :( So I’m jealous! :x Well, not of the snow blowers though. lol :roll: Shirts and slacks I’m afraid. Never wear jeans or tennis shoes. Why? Well, because for work I had to and I did it for a year and now it’s just normal attire for me. No dude, please be unique. There are all ready way too many damn idiots wearing “what’s in at the moment”. Being unique is what sets you apart of those losers. Just be yourself! :mrgreen: Well, that will be a very long time! Seeing as there will never be a beta 3 build. 8O RC1 is the next build. :) Wow, thanks for the offer but I am not really into “things”, that is possessions. I have way to much “crap” as it is. ;) But that is very kind of you, so I do appreciate the thought. :mrgreen: When you get in the states I’ll give you a ring some time. Take Care, Will

  3. wow. that’s very detailed information. Thanks dude! hey, come on, just name something you are interested in about China. :lol:or.. never interested in this autarchic country? :P

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