Job Interview – Successful

My job interview earlier today with the state government program, the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind was a success. I’m hired! :)

Hello bums,

Earlier today I had a successful job interview with the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind, a state government agency.

I’m 100% positive I got the job, seeing as I have known the interviewer for the past twelve (12) years; that and I am over qualified in terms of school but a lack in experience makes me the prefect test subject. he-he

Any how, I’ll be installing telecommunications equipment for individuals with disabilities. I expect it to be very challenging for the next view weeks. I have to learn sign language and I have to learn how to read braille. Luckily I already know the basics of sign language; that is I can hold a basic conversion with a deaf individual. Learning braille should not be a problem either since I only have to know the very basics.

I’m not sure when I start though. The whole state hiring process is pretty crazy right now. Paper work is a major issue. That is the only issue I feel that I will have major trouble with. Sadly everything must be done by hand. Why, I have no idea. Really sucks! Also, at the moment I will be responsible for the entire state of South Carolina. Which is pretty crazy. Lots of driving, but I am glad they pay you for gas millage.

I’m hired!

Take Care,


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4 thoughts on “Job Interview – Successful”

  1. he-he Thanks buddy! Not sure when I start, damn government BS! But yeah I hope I do not have to do as much driving as I fear because if so, I will not last long. Since I have classes at night, I would have to be driving pretty much during the whole day. Which can be anywhere from 20mins to six hours. :???:

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