Waiting To Vote – 2006

I’m here at 5:55am @ a local Elementary School (K-5) waiting to vote and there is already a line. The damn voting does not start till 7am. Worst than for President of U.S.A. Crazy!


I’m waiting in the freezing cold to vote for South Carolina’s new governor and on the amendment bill that would make gay marriage illegal in SC.

At least it’s not raining and there are no red necks playing loud country music, at least not at the moment. Now remember this is the south…

Win2K SP5 Project Cancelled

Win2K SP5 Project Cancelled – Gurgelmeyer Not Heard From Since “Jul 19 2006, 10:22 AM”


Unfortunately Win2K SP5 has been Cancelled due to the fact that the main and only developer, Gurgelmeyer, has been missing for months.

If anyone has any ideas on how this project could be Resurrected please let me know. Thanks!

Sorry for the bad news,


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