Waiting To Vote – 2006

I’m here at 5:55am @ a local Elementary School (K-5) waiting to vote and there is already a line. The damn voting does not start till 7am. Worst than for President of U.S.A. Crazy!


I’m waiting in the freezing cold to vote for South Carolina’s new governor and on the amendment bill that would make gay marriage illegal in SC.

At least it’s not raining and there are no red necks playing loud country music, at least not at the moment. Now remember this is the south…

I guess everyone figured they would come early as hell this year, just like me. Voting does not officially start till 7am.

Last time I had to wait over 7 hours to vote. I almost said to hell with it, but I had to make sure Bush won. :twisted:

Looking worst now compared to the line last year. :cry:

Well, I am sure the amendment is going to pass since in its preliminary it already did, overwhelmingly at that.



Update: Lucky number 7! I’m the 7th person in SC to cast my vote. :) Back home on the range now…

Hell, I ended up walking there, less than a mile way, since I knew parking would be terrible. Only a single candidate showed up for meet and greet. :sad:

Most people I talked to said they are voting yes to ban gay marriage in SC. So it’s looking good. :grin:

I’m told we should all know by about 10:30pm tonight, even though it will not be official until the end of the week at the earliest.

Update 2: It’s official! Gay Marriage is now Banned or is it? Not exactly, read the article to find out more.

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