Fire Fox Released!

Fire Fox has been released, it is not yet known if this fixes the recently discovered denial of service vulnerability!

Hello Fire Fox Lovers,

Mozilla has finally released the long anticipated release of Fire Fox . :D

It is not yet known if this version successfully corrects a recently discovered Marquee Denial of Service Vulnerability in Fire Fox. Let us hope that it does. If not, I am sure a new fire fox build will be out shortly to correct the problem. We certainty will not have to wait 6 months like we do for Microsoft to fix Internet Explorer vulnerabilities. :)

For more information on this new Fire Fox vulnerability, please see bug #239840 .



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Favorite Fire Fox Extensions

Favorite Fire Fox Extensions

My Favorite Fire Fox Extensions (In No Particular Order)

  1. Cookie Extras
  2. Flash Got
  3. Tab Preview
  4. Browser Uptime
  5. PDF Download
  6. Back To Top
  7. Close All
  8. IE View
  9. NoScript
  10. Nightly Tester Tools
  11. Tabbrowser Preferences
  12. JavaScript Options
  13. Tweak Network
  14. ViewSourceWith
  15. GoolgePreview
  16. Add Bookmark Here
  17. Disable Targets For Downloads
  18. Show Extension Directory
  19. Smart Middle Click
  20. User Agent Switcher
  21. Super DragAndGo
  22. Tab Mix Plus
  23. downTHEMall
  24. Fasterfox
  25. BugMeNot
  26. Web Developer
  27. Download Manager Tweak
  28. Console2
  29. MR Tech Disable XP Install Delay
  30. IE Tab
  31. CustomizeGoogle
  32. CuteMenus – Crystal SVG
  33. Allow Right-Click
  34. Scribe
  35. Resizeable Textarea
  36. MR Tech Local Install

Take Care,