Bugs Fixed

I Fixed Some Bugs!

Well just fixed a few bugs plaguing my blog.

I fixed the odd “Warning: mysql_affected_rows()” error on the main page.

I also, fixed links. I think. ;) And now every page is 100% valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. I think. :p

Please let me know if you find one that is not. Thanks!

I also added the cruftless_searching plugin. So now you search better. ;)

Like this: https://www.war59312.com/search/test

Take Care,


I Am Back!

I Am Back! :)

I’m so glad to be back. Download the unofficial win2k sp5 as much as you like. I’ve changed a few things. ;)

So hopefully no more down time.

Windows NT 4.0

Windows NT 4.0

Hey Boys And Girls,

Well MS-DOS AND Windows 3.11 got old pretty fast so I decided to give good old Windows NT 4.0 a go.

Microsoft Visual Basic Class Begins

Microsoft Visual Basic Class Begins

Hello Boys & Girls,

Well I just started my Microsoft Visual Basic class Thursday. Just like every programing language the very first thing we all learned was to create a hello world application. I also, learned how to simply exit an application via, Me.close.

God I Hate Spam

36194 E-Mails Since Feb. 05 In Which 97.50% Is Spam

Since Feb. of 2005 I have received 36,194 E-Mails. That is just my main e-mail account. :(

In which 97.50% is all spam. Luckily my spam filters have caught 99.65%.

Check it out. Though since Feb. it has gone down significantly. At the start of the year it was closer to 300 spam e-mails a day.