Win2K SP5 Project Cancelled

Win2K SP5 Project Cancelled – Gurgelmeyer Not Heard From Since “Jul 19 2006, 10:22 AM”


Unfortunately Win2K SP5 has been Cancelled due to the fact that the main and only developer, Gurgelmeyer, has been missing for months.

If anyone has any ideas on how this project could be Resurrected please let me know. Thanks!

Sorry for the bad news,


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Windows 2000 SP5 Build 5.1.2195

Gurgelmeyer’s Unofficial SP5 Build 5.1.2195 for Windows 2000 has been released

Hello Win2k SP5 Fans,

Gurgelmeyer’s Unofficial Windows 2000 SP5 Build 5.1.2195 has been released.

This sweet release is up to date as of April, 16 2006.

Download Gurgelmeyer’s Unofficial Win2K SP5 5.1.2195

I’ll be brief (I’m on a very slow line right now, because my ISP wants me to pay the same bill twice… long story, don’t worry)

USP 5.1.2195.21 (21 is the build number) contains:

– ~40-50 new non-security updates not available from WU. I think I got them all now, but I keep saying that don’t I whistling.gif

– All the security updates that were available on WU on 2006-04-16 for Windows 2000 and for the Windows 2000 versions of the built-in or the USP provided components.

– Fixes a BUG which caused setup from DOS to fail

– Fixes a BUG which might cause USP setup to take longer than it should

– Adds the USP version and build date to the System Properties

Next: USP 5.2 ! When? Donno. I definately need my DSL….

Best regards,