Shift (Neowin Linux) has released Shift (Neowin Linux) alpha build 01!

Hello Linux Junkies,

NeoWin has finally done the unthinkable. They have released their very own Linux distribution tailored towards the needs of all NeoWin members. I must say, I am impressed. So impressed that I have decided to help host this bad boy and run it as my secondary OS for a few weeks.

However, because of a few major issues, a second build is going to be released this Saturday! I’ll be sure and update this post as soon as that happens.

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Yum Meta Data File – Checksum Issue

Will’s Technology Blog » Fix for Metadata file does not match checksum in Yum


I’ve installed Fedora Core 4 as my secondary OS.

The very first issue I ran into is that yum fails to update my system because of an invalid checksum of its metadata file.

Luckily there is a simply fix:


I also ran into a second issue in which yum would fail to install packages due to missing Dependencies:

Error: Package libnotify needs, this is not available.

Again I was luckily enough to find an easy solution.

  1. Open /etc/yum.conf with your favorite text editor
  2. Change “gpgcheck=1” to “gpgcheck=0”
  3. Save the file and run yum update as root in console (su root then yum update)

Also, here is an excellent guide on how to upgrade to the latest version of GNOME:

Upgrade Your FC4 Box To The Latest GNOME 2.12 Desktop



PS: I’ll be posting more FC4 tips when I find them. :D

Xandros Desktop OS 3.0 Deluxe

I Love Xandros Desktop OS 3.0 Deluxe!

Well Windows XP was really starting to ignore me so I thought I’d give Linux a shot for really the first time ever! I have never really given it a fair shot. I just installed it once or twice in the past, a few years ago and was pretty disappointed before Linux was even installed. So I really never tested it in any respect. Well today that has all changed.

This morning I started browsing around the popular Linux web sites and blogs and I come across Xandros Desktop OS 3.0 Deluxe.

I must say, so far I am loving it. All of my hardware was detected perfectly, including my Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum sound car. Surprisingly, even 5.1 worked perfectly out of box, even with my DVD.