Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2

Microsoft has finally released Office 2007 Beta 2!

Hello Office Lovers & Haters, Microsoft has finally released Office 2007 Beta 2! Sign Up And Download It Right Now! Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 Or you can order a CD for $4.95! No news yet on what has changed since the beta 1 release. Take Care, Will

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Office 12 Beta 1 Released

Office 12 Beta 1 Released


Well Office 12 Beta 1 is now up for download for official beta testers like myself via Beta Place.

Be sure and download your copy now. All of the initial download problems appear to have been fixed. :D

Well my first impression is that it’s very buggy, but I pretty much expected that with a massive GUI change.

I love the tab idea. It works great. Only problem at the moment is that it’s really slow, even with my 2.2 GHZ CPU and 1 GB of RAM.

Though, apparently Microsoft knows this and will be kicking up performance for beta 2.

Well I’ll be sure and blog on this bad boy when I have time. Hopefully tomorrow. Since I’m now jobless. :(

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