Windows Vista Build 5342 Released

Microsoft has released Windows Vista Build 5342! :)

Hello Vista Lovers,

Microsoft has released Windows Vista Build 5342 to Microsoft Connect. :D

I’ll be sure to post some screen shots. :)

Take Care,



Well, maybe I will not be. :(

This build will not install correctly.

It just sets at a blank black screen forever.

Safe mode does not work either. You can not even see the boot menu. :(

Windows Vista Has Failed To Install

If anyone else runs into this please vote on this bug at Microsoft Connect . Thanks!

Windows Vista 5308 Changes

Windows Vista 5308 Changes


Well, Microsoft has changed a number of things in the latest build of its Windows Vista OS. Most of the changes I’ll mention are changes that have occurred since the last beta build, 5270.

This latest build is known as the Windows Vista Enterprise Feb CTP. It’s the first feature complete Vista build that Microsoft has released. What does this mean? Well, it means that all the features are there that will be there once Vista is released. However, many of the features might not work well, perhaps even not at all. Microsoft is calling it a non beta quality release. This means that its NOT support by standard Microsoft channels and that it should only be tested in a non-production environment. So basically, it’s use at your own risk.

Now for some of the changes thus far…

Windows Vista 5308 Released

Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise Feb CTP Build 5308

Hello Happy Microsoft Windows Vista Users,

Microsoft has finally released the promised Windows Vista Enterprise Feb CTP Build 5308. :D

Download It Now (Official Beta Testers Only)

Word has it that this is the first feature complete build, however according to Microsoft it is not beta quality so use at your own risk!

Click To View Tons of Screen Shots



Wanna Help Beta Test Windows Vista?

Wanna Help Beta Test Windows Vista?


So you wanna help beta test Windows Vista?

Well, if your a member you can get that chance right now, for free.

Become a member and receive a Windows Vista Invite though the Windows Vista Community Technology Preview Program.

Once you become a member you will receive an E-Mail with instructions on how to join the team.

The Microsoft Windows Vista Team and Culminis have invited us to be part of a special Windows Vista beta program known as the “Community Technology Preview” (CTP) program.

There are only 1000 of these special worldwide slots open and they are reserved for members of, a Culminis IT PRO user groups.

To learn more about the program and to register for the opportunity to be selected for one of these slots, please go to to complete the online registration form ASAP.

Here are the minimum guidelines:

  1. Any customer or partner, 18 years or older, who is willing to install the pre-release builds and provide Microsoft with their feedback
  2. Who is willing to either self-host Windows Vista or subject it to some tests using their typical or expected computing environment
  3. Who has a good working knowledge of using and troubleshooting Windows




New Windows Vista Web Sites

Microsoft Windows Vista (Longhorn) Web Sites Have Gone Live


Just thought I would share some new Microsoft Windows Vista (Longhorn) web sites that have since gone live, and a few others. :D