Vista Bug Fixes and New Functionality

Bug Fixes And New Functionality I’d Like To See In Microsoft Windows Vista (Codename Longhorn)

  1. Microsoft Anti-virus
  2. Microsoft Anti-spyware (Windows Deffender)
  3. Microsoft Firewall (Inboard and outboard protection!)
  4. Never let a system wide and or user setting change without user conformation. This includes through the user of the registry. However, allow only admin accounts to disable this option, but still have it enabled by default for admins as well.
  5. New Microsoft IE – Spyware Proof (At Least 300% Better Than Currently) & Tabs
  6. Fix all of these IE bugs
  7. Fix this select text bug
  8. Have prevent applications from stealing focus enabled by default!
  9. Make it so no application, driver, etc. can use 100% processor for more than 30 secs. Ask the user what to do when this happens. Have at least a ignore once, ignore always, and kill options to close the unresponsive application.
  10. Prevent new applications from running on startup without the user’s permission. Make this an option and enabled by default. Mainly to prevent rouge applications, generally spyware, from starting at startup without the users knowledge.
  11. Have an option to have underlined letters for keyboard navigation always disabled.
  12. Have an option to set default save directory for all system applications and explorer. Ex: MS-Paint.
  13. Make .PNG the default save image type in MS-Paint.
  14. Fix the system clock so you can show secs. In XP and Win2K3 secs. seems to be ignored no matter what.
  15. Allow other time servers to be added to Windows Internet Time.
  16. Fix the issue with explorer forgetting your folder settings. Tired of having to reset often, a few times a month ATM.
  17. Use high quality PNG images for everything.
  18. Include 3D “Widgets” such as weather, movies, etc. that can be placed any where on the desktop. Make them transparent and fully customizable. Something like Konfabulator.
  19. Lock down windows by default. Do not allow browsing to any web sites until Microsoft Windows Update has been ran and fully updated at least once. Also, make this a routine check, perhaps twice a month. Or at least on every second Tuesday of every month since that is when all windows updates are now released.
  20. Do not allow the user to disable Automatic updates unless they are an Administrator. This includes though the registry. Sick of spyware, etc. disabling Automatic updates without the users knowledge. Always ask the user for conformation of this action.
  21. Better E-Mail Client with spam filtering built in and better support for newsgroups. Fix timeout issues where you must re-download.
  22. Built in FTP Client And Server, that you can access like folders.
  23. Virtual Folders Like In OS X, But Even Better.
  24. Ability to pause file transfers in Explorer and Internet Explorer.
  25. Built in Bittorrent Client And Server.
  26. Better Add or Remove Programs applet, as current version pretty much sucks; perhaps something like Safarp.
  27. Enable keyboard F-Lock key by default, that is at the OS level. Hate having to turn it on after every reboot.
  28. Fix the darn system tray icon boot up issue, where some times system tray icons fail to load correctly.
  29. Fix the darn bug where text goes BOLD for no reason and out of the blue. Generally it’s hover text in the task bar.